Get On The Floor And Play!

We all understand that it’s important to play with our children, but did you know that you can have even more of an impact when you physically get down on the floor with them? It’s true!

Being on the floor in closer proximity to your children helps them feel seen and heard. Parents should put their phones away, get down on the carpet or the ground, and give their kiddos that individualized attention they need. Let the child be the boss and direct the play. This is so important for their brain development, gross and fine motor skills, and also the development of their social abilities and other skills they’ll need throughout their life.

Research shows that all kids really need is 20 minutes a week playing with their parents. That’s very little time, and we can certainly do that and even do more. Getting on the floor to play with your child can help create a deeper bond and give your child experiences that they’ll always remember.

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