Back To School Blues


Most parents at this point are ecstatic that their kids are going back to school, and getting back into a schedule. I have loved summer, and it was only this last week that I realized that I am ready for the kids to get back into the classroom.

For some parents, they may have one child who is super excited about school, and another who is dreading it. So, how do you deal with those different kids? My recommendation is for the one who is excited, let her be excited. Build school up, “I love that you love school!” “It feels so good to learn!” For the one who is dreading school, start having communication with them. “Are you feeling worried about this?” “Are you scared?” “What happened last year that you are worried about?” Nightly check-ins are so important, especially for those who are prone to anxiety or worry. Change is hard.

Ease into the routine. Go to bed earlier, read a little bit each day, so it is not a shock to the system when school does start.

When your kids are in school few weeks and things are still not going well you need to have a check in. Make sure its a good fit with the teacher. You have to be your child’s advocate. Sometimes there is a clash of personalities, and it is not a good fit. Talk to the teacher and to the principal. Some schools won’t allow a change of teacher, and you don’t necessarily need to take your kid out of every bad situation, however, it is okay for you to be your child’s advocate. If a move is not possible, be sure to support your child in every possible way, by getting to know the teacher really well, and being in the classroom as much as you can.

Some kids are concerned about their ability to perform at their new grade level. I have heard some say, “I don’t feel ready to to be in this grade,” and others just plain struggle with specific skills. I have a son with some learning disabilities, and I have had to learn how to help him on the areas that he is struggling with, and build him up on the strengths. Every kid is going to have challenges, and every kid has strengths. Give them praise, but not superficial praise. “I love how clever you are!” “You are so creative!”

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