5 Tips To Rekindle Your Relationship

While the mundane activities of everyday life (parenting, careers, chores, finances, etc.) can get us into predictable routines with our spouses or partners, it can be so refreshing to spice things up and try something new in order to really connect. If you find yourself stuck in a romance rut (and we all do!), here are five tips to rekindle your relationship:

Write Sweet (or Spicy!) Sticky Notes

It may sound a little junior high, but who doesn’t like to get a love note?! Write a little note, then hide it in a place where your spouse will find it (like in a briefcase or on a steering wheel). Think back to the sweet gestures you made when you were dating; let’s bring back those flirty behaviors that first made us fall for each other with small expressions of love that say things like, “I love you!” or, “You’re the most wonderful woman I know!” or “You are so hot!”  Text messages are fun, but there’s something really special about a tangible note expressing your feelings.

Start & Finish the Day With Physical Touch

A hug or a kiss can really set the scene for a good day where you both feel connected to one another. At nighttime, those small instances of touch can help bring some sort of closure to the day, even if emotionally there are unsettled matters between you two. The power of touch is a way to express that you care and that you want to feel close to your spouse, even if just for little moments amidst hectic lives.

Schedule Five Minutes Together Free of Technological Interruption!

We’re so tuned into our gadgets these days that we may sometimes inadvertently be tuned out to how our spouse is doing. Take at least five minutes a day where you really talk to each other without the distractions of television, social media, or smart-phones. When we get in routines, it’s easy to just sit on the couch with each person doing his/ her own thing, but let’s bring back the human interaction we all need and get to actually talking to each other again.

Initiate Intimacy

If you’re the one in the relationship who usually waits for the other person to initiate things sexually, why not surprise your spouse and make the first move? It’s very comforting to know that we’re desired by someone else, so give your husband/ wife the gift of initiation; they’ll definitely feel loved and appreciated!

Say “Thank You” For the Little Things

Don’t overlook the small, important things your spouse does to serve you just because you’ve come to expect it. “Thank you for working hard to support our family,” or, “thanks so much for making dinner-it’s delicious!” can go a long way! Even though you’re comfortable with each other, don’t get so comfortable and used to how things are that you forget to express your gratitude.


  1. Mike Jones on August 10, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Loved your point “Schedule Five Minutes Together Free of Technological Interruption!”. This thing can bring out the best in you, when you are uninterrupted by anything which disturbs the relationship. Awesome advice.

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