4 Things Every Parent Should Say To A Child


The words we say to our children are powerful and can have a long-lasting impact. While it’s important to give appropriate praise that’s specific to them, there are a couple of universal phrases that, when said sincerely, can make all the difference in how kids learn and develop. Here are four things every parent should say to a child:

“I Believe You”

Our kids need to know that we believe them and see them as honest individuals. It is very fulfilling to know that an adult believes their side of the story. When a child is being dishonest, let’s help encourage them to be more truthful or reveal more details. Don’t ever call a child a liar; he/she will internalize this message and create that identity. Instead, say something like, “are you sure you’re telling me the whole story?” We can help our children understand the importance of honesty by reassuring them that we believe them when they tell the truth.

“I Believe in You”

It’s very validating for a child to hear that mom or dad knows he/she can do hard things. By expressing our belief in them, we can help them develop a stronger belief in themselves and their ability to overcome obstacles. And not only does this help kids with their confidence, it can also strengthen their bonds with parents.

“I Trust You”

Being trustworthy is a sign of maturity, and hearing that you trust your son or daughter helps them understand that you have faith in their judgment and ability to make smart decisions. This in turn can inspire them to continue to make good choices and helps them see themselves as responsible human beings.  Saying “I trust you” also teaches your child to trust themselves and validates their self-worth, strengthening their self-concept and esteem.

“I Love You”

This one had to make the list, right? The phrase “I love you” is the most important thing your children can hear from you; they need to know how much you care about them! Also, saying it every once in a while isn’t enough; it needs to be said often! Even when our kids are driving us crazy, even when they’re making mistakes, especially when they’re making mistakes, they need to hear it! If you’re not in the habit now, get some practice expressing your love for your child, then do it over and over again.



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