The Art of Empty Nesting

The transition from raising kids to becoming empty nesters,  can be a difficult. 
For many, there is a big fear that “We have nothing in common now”. Watch this segment to learn helpful tips to help you navigate this new chapter:

Tips For Empty Nesters:

  • REconnectingafterkidsLeading up to this stage, start finding things to do, that isn’t just about parenting your child. For many parents, a lot of attention is all about kids and parenting your kids for several years of your life together. Find something that is unique for you to do together, something novel. Reassess, and find common ground.
  • Talk about disappointments and make a plan for moving forward. Discuss what you want your relationship to look like.
Forgive each other. For some couples there are underlying issues, old hurts and disappointments, especially when you have been together for a long time. It is important to really take stock and making a conscious decision to forgive.
  • Find new ways to reconnect. Take trips, find  new hobbies. Learn something new, do something out of the norm for date night with interacting with each other. Something new and exciting to spice things up.
  • There is that old quote that says, “Do what you have always done and get what you always have.” The same holds true for marriage.
  • There is a huge spike in divorce when couples begin empty nesting. There is a stark realization that, “I don’t know you, and I don’t know me” without the role of daily parenting. This can be scary and a very vulnerable experience, as It is a whole new phase to learn how to navigate. Be sure to find time as a couple, find time to figure out yourself self. What do you want this new role to be? Do I want to change my career, or go back to school?
  • Kickoff your empty nesting with a get a way, or a cruise. Make it a celebration, instead of, “This is scary, what do we do?” Say, “Let’s fall in love all over again.”


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