What Your Kids Really Want

Kids Want

What Your Kids Want Clair Mellenthin is here to discuss what your kids really want from you as a parent.

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The Top 10 Things Kids Really Want From Their Parents:

1. Tuck me in at night and check in about the day.  Telling stories about you as a kid is a bonus!
2. Give me lots of affection- hugs and kisses
3. Sit and talk with me privately- I love having special me and you time
4. Give me healthy food to eat
5. Sit down and eat dinner together with me, not with the TV
6. At bedtime, that is a great time to talk to me about anything
7. Let me play outside a lot
8. Discipline me- it makes me feel safe and like you care
9. Leave special notes for me in my lunch or surprise places
10. Love- to know I am special to you and that you will love me no matter what

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