August 2024 Play Therapy Mountain Top Retreat

$275.00 / month for 2nd and 3rd months and a $300.00 sign-up fee

Ready to Ascend to The Next Level?

Mastery of Prescriptive Play Therapy: Theory, Application, and Integration

It’s time to take your play therapy work to the next level! Dive into the dynamic field of Prescriptive Play Therapy (PPT) through this immersive three-day workshop designed for practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding and application of play therapy principles. This course is ideal for therapists who aim to tailor their approach to meet the unique therapeutic needs of children, families, and groups using evidence-based play therapy strategies. We are going to cover the how and the why, and do it all through a lot of playful learning and connection!



Day 1: Foundations of Prescriptive Play Therapy – Engage in a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and implementation of Prescriptive PT. Who are you? At which stage are you? Explore various play therapy theories through “My Prescriptive Wheel,” facilitating a reflective examination of your current knowledge and identifying areas for further learning. Key topics include competency, fidelity, and the history and core tenets of prescriptive play therapy. And we are going to play!

Day 2: Expanding your Play Therapy Horizon – Delve into the application of Prescriptive Play Therapy with an emphasis on overcoming roadblocks and building confidence. How do you engage in the decision making process and choose what will work best for each client? Dive into the process by navigating and reflecting on a case example and implementation of play approaches through a structured decision making questionnaire. Consider external approaches beyond traditional play therapy theories, and engage in interactive discussion to strengthen competence in prescriptive methods. And we will play some more!

Day 3: Charting the Course Forward – Focus on personal and professional growth within the play therapy field. Participate in experiential case example exercises and create a future-oriented “Miro Board” to visualize your development journey. Conclude with a comprehensive discussion on integrating learned theories and crafting a unique, prescriptive approach to play therapy. Oh yes, and we will be playing!

Each day is structured to include theoretical learning, practical application, reflective self-work, and a leveling up case example question and answer time. Each day is designed to ensure you leave with a profound understanding of Prescriptive Play Therapy and a clear direction for your practice.

Key Components:

  • In-depth exploration of the Therapeutic Powers of Play

  • Examination of core tenets and theories of Prescriptive Play Therapy

  • Ethical considerations and competency in play therapy

  • Practical case study exercises and interactive/reflective discussions

  • Personalized learning experiences with “Choose Your Own Adventure” case discussions

  • Creation of a professional development plan using innovative digital tools

Who Should Attend: This workshop is suited for mental health professionals, play therapists, and practitioners who are looking to enhance their skill set in play therapy with a prescriptive, individualized approach. Whether you’re new to the field or an experienced therapist, this course will offer valuable insights and strategies to elevate your therapeutic practice. Come and join us and embark on a journey towards therapeutic excellence and transformative client outcomes.


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