Mastery of Prescriptive Play Therapy: Theory, Application, and Integration
Jessica Stone, Clair Mellenthin and Robert Jason Grant

Play Therapy Mountain Top Retreat

Ready to Ascend to The Next Level?

Mastery of Prescriptive Play Therapy: Theory, Application, and Integration

with Clair Mellenthin, Dr. Jessica Stone and Dr. Robert Jason Grant.

LIVE IN PERSON in Park City, Utah 

Live webinar option available

August 1-3, 2024

Have you ever felt stuck, confused, or frustrated in the play therapy process?

  • Did you learn there is only one “right” way of doing play therapy and now that you are in clinical practice, realizing that you may need more tools in your toolbox?
  • Do you need a deeper understanding of why you are doing what you are doing in the playroom?
  • Are you ready to learn how to engage in play therapy from an integrative, prescriptive, and systemic practice?
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Then this Play Therapy Retreat is JUST WHAT YOU NEED!

Utah Mountain Retreat for Play Therapists

It's time to take your play therapy to the next level!

Dive into the dynamic field of Prescriptive Play Therapy (PPT) through this immersive three-day workshop designed for practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding and application of play therapy principles. This course is ideal for therapists who aim to tailor their approach to meet the unique therapeutic needs of children, families, and groups using evidence-based play therapy strategies. We are going to cover the how and the why, and do it all through a lot of playful learning and connection! 

Time for learning AND self-care

At the end of each day’s training, there will be plenty of time for SELF-CARE whether it is hitting the hiking trails, playing 18 holes of golf, soaking in the pool, or getting pampered at the resort’s spa. Our hope is that you will leave feeling rejuvenated inside and out and feel more prepared to help the kids and families you treat each day.

Westgate Resort Yoga Studio

At the beautiful WESTGATE RESORT in Park City, Utah

Indoor-Outdoor Pool

Located at: 3000 Canyons Resort Drive, Park City, Utah, 84098

Our discounted rooms start at just $185 per night

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Foundations of Prescriptive Play Therapy

Engage in a comprehensive introduction to the philosophy and implementation of Prescriptive PT.

Who are you?

At which stage are you?

Explore various play therapy theories through "My Prescriptive Wheel," facilitating a reflective examination of your current knowledge and identifying areas for further learning.

Key topics include:

  • Competency
  • Fidelity
  • The history and core tenets of prescriptive play therapy

And we are going to play! 


Expanding your Play Therapy Horizon

Delve into the application of Prescriptive Play Therapy with an emphasis on overcoming roadblocks and building confidence.

How do you engage in the decision-making process and choose what will work best for each client?

Dive into the process by navigating and reflecting on a case example and implementation of play approaches through a structured decision-making questionnaire.

Consider external approaches beyond traditional play therapy theories, and engage in interactive discussion to strengthen competence in prescriptive methods.

And we will play some more! 


Charting the Course Forward

Focus on personal and professional growth within the play therapy field.

Participate in experiential case example exercises and create a future-oriented "Miro Board" to visualize your development journey.

Conclude with a comprehensive discussion on integrating learned theories and crafting a unique, prescriptive approach to play therapy.

Oh yes, and we will be playing! 

Each day is structured to include theoretical learning, practical application, reflective self-work, and a leveling up case example question and answer time. Each day is designed to ensure you leave with a profound understanding of Prescriptive Play Therapy and a clear direction for your practice.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is suited for mental health professionals, play therapists, and practitioners who are looking to enhance their skill set in play therapy with a prescriptive, individualized approach. Whether you're new to the field or an experienced therapist, this course will offer valuable insights and strategies to elevate your therapeutic practice. Come and join us and embark on a journey towards therapeutic excellence and transformative client outcomes.

Get 16 APT contact hours and 16 NBCC Credit Hours during this 3-day workshop

  • 16 APT CONTACT HOURS from Robert Jason Grant Ed.D is an APT Approved Provider #12-318 for continuing education. Visit to learn more about APT (Association for Play Therapy).
  • For those completing the RPT credential, the 16 hours can be counted as up to 6 toward seminal theory and up to 6 toward skills and methods. The remainder and any of the 16 can count toward special topics and applicants' choice.
  • 16 NBCC Credit Hours AutPlay Therapy Clinic has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6595. Visit to learn more about NBCC.

Key Components

Children Playing together outside
  • In-depth exploration of the Therapeutic Powers of Play

  • Examination of core tenets and theories of Prescriptive Play Therapy

  • Ethical considerations and competency in play therapy

  • Practical case study exercises and interactive/reflective discussions

  • Personalized learning experiences with "Choose Your Own Adventure" case discussions

  • Creation of a professional development plan using innovative digital tools

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the foundational philosophy and process of Prescriptive Play Therapy (PT).

  • Identify the main theories underpinning Prescriptive PT and articulate their core tenets.

  • Summarize the historical development of Prescriptive PT and its significance in play therapy.

  • Examine ethical considerations and competency requirements for practicing Prescriptive PT.

  • Evaluate the therapeutic powers of play within the context of Prescriptive PT.

  • Conduct a self-assessment to identify personal knowledge and gaps in Prescriptive PT approaches.

  • Discuss the application of core tenets and theories of Prescriptive PT with children, families, and groups.

  • Compare and contrast Prescriptive PT with other therapeutic approaches outside of traditional play therapy.
  • Utilize digital tools like Miro for creating visual representations of professional development plans.

  • Analyze case studies to apply the principles of Prescriptive PT in practical scenarios.

  • Engage in reflective self-work to integrate Prescriptive PT knowledge into personal practice.

  • Develop strategies to address and overcome roadblocks in the application of Prescriptive PT.

  • Design a "My Prescriptive Wheel" to map existing and desired knowledge in play therapy theories.

  • Participate in experiential learning activities to solidify understanding of Prescriptive PT.

  • Facilitate group discussions to explore different Prescriptive PT approaches using case examples.

  • Formulate questions for Q&A sessions that reflect an understanding of Prescriptive PT concepts.

Cancellation Policy

For trainings hosted by Clair Mellenthin, LLC registration for trainings may be canceled with a full refund up to 24 hours after registration/payment has been made. Registrations canceled after that time will not receive a refund but participants may obtain credit for a future training or toward products in the store. View each specific training hosted by other people/agencies to understand their cancellation policy.