3 Ways To Help Ease The Transition To Preschool

Summer is winding down, and that means it’s time for the kiddos to return to school! This is a big change in routine for every child but especially for preschoolers; they’re starting a brand new experience that can be more than a little scary for them. If you have a kid heading to preschool for the first time, here are some strategies to help him/ her ease that transition:

Set Up A Bedtime Ritual

These children need a goodnight’s rest, and you can help make that happen by having a very predictable routine that they can depend on every night. It might be a bath and story, making lunches together, or anything else that can help them wind down. Kids love the consistency that comes with knowing what to expect, so work with your partner to create and implement a bedtime ritual.

Have a Goodbye Routine

This is very similar to the first strategy, as routines really do help children cope with big changes. Separation anxiety is very normal for this age group; it can be very hard for these little ones to leave mom and dad for the first time! Maybe when it comes time to get on the school-bus or get out of the car, you two have a special handshake or hug that you do everyday (I love the book “The Kissing Hand,” which tells the story of a mama raccoon and baby raccoon who have their own special ritual to say goodbye to one another).

Meet With The Teacher

If possible, take your little one to meet with the teacher prior to school starting. Your child can then also see the classroom, explore the playground, and overall get an idea of what to expect so that the first day isn’t so scary or intimidating. This can help calm some fears or anxieties about being away from mom or dad for the first time.

How are YOU helping your preschool age child
prepare for this important transition?


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